History of oil and gas industry

Oil and gas industry in Ukraine has long history: the first historical data on oil production in Western Ukraine appeared in the14th century. In the 1820s, the commercial production of oil started in the Boryslav, Pre-Carpathian region. At that time it was the largest oil producing region in Europe. At the beginning of the 20th century the volume of production reached 2 million tons per year.

Ukraine was the first country in the world to deliver natural gas to other countries. In 1945 the deliveries started from Dashavske and Oparske natural gas fields to Poland. From the mid years of the 20th century, natural gas of Ukrainian origin was transported to Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Austria.

After World War II, oil and gas industry of Ukraine developed rapidly as a result of the discovery of significant hydrocarbon reserves in the region of the Dnieper-Donets basin, the Carpathian and the Black Sea - Crimean oil and gas fields. In 1972 the industry reached the peak level of oil and gas condensate production (14.4 million tons), and in 1975, the peak level of natural gas production (68.7 bcm).

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During 25 years of Ukrainian independence

Natural gas – more than 500 bcm
Oil and gas condensate – approx. 110 mln. tonnes

4 700 thousand meters of exploration wells
5 800 thousand operating wells

Built 8 400 km of the main pipelines

Natural gas transmission: 2,970 bcm

Oil transportation: 1,250 mln. tonnes