Investor Relations

Investment policy of Naftogaz of Ukraine NJSC is pursued by the Company in the following business areas:
oil and gas exploration and production;
oil and gas transportation and storage;
oil, condensate and natural gas processing and sale of oil products;
participation in foreign projects for oil and natural gas exploration, production, transportation, processing and sale;
energy saving;

Priority Lines of the Company’s Activities
Oil and gas exploration and production:
stabilizing gas and oil production with further increase due to stimulation of production from operating fields and wells, and introduction of new capacities;
adding the domestic hydrocarbon reserves by increasing the volumes of seismic exploration activities and prospect and exploratory drilling operations in perspective areas and fields;
stimulating development of oil and gas resources in the off-shore area of the Black and Azov Seas;
increasing the resource base and development by the Company of hydrocarbon extraction due to participation in the development of oil and gas resources in other countries.

Oil and gas transportation:
ensuring high reliability, and extending service life period, of pipelines;
expansion of oil and gas trunk pipeline systems, creating the conditions for maintaining and raising transit volumes of natural gas and oil transported via the Company’s trunk pipeline systems;
optimization of pipeline systems and the network of underground gas storage facilities due to implementation of state-of-the-art computer software, an automated monitoring system and certification and inventory taking system for oil and gas pipelines and underground gas storages;
establishing an up-to-date gas, oil and oil product accounting process;
implementation of secondary energy resource cogeneration and efficient use technologies;
implementation of a reconstruction, technical re-equipment and expansion program for operating oil and gas transportation systems;
optimization of the underground gas storage network functioning and its further development;
implementation of a reconstruction, technical re-equipment and expansion program for operating gas distribution pipeline networks either owned or used by the Company.

Oil, condensate and natural gas processing and sale of oil products:
modernization of processing capacities, increasing the volumes and depth of extracted raw product processing in order to increase the commercial product output;
optimization and expansion of oil and gas processing products marketing network to their end consumers.

Energy saving:
implementation of energy saving technologies;
reducing in-process expenditure of natural gas for its transportation due to the use of gas turbine pumping units with a higher performance factor;
creating a system of power generating stations utilizing waste energy resources of gas transportation system and gas production facilities, to produce electric and heat energy for the own energy supply purpose;
participation in alternative and renewable energy source development and utilization activities.

Environmental protection:
development and implementation of environmental and rational natural resource use measures in the course of exploration, production, processing, transportation and storage of oil, gas and gas condensate.

Naftogaz is driving gas market reform in Ukraine

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