Naftogaz Digital Technologies

Naftogaz Digital Technologies

The first internal IT service center in the public sector of Ukraine
  • 100projects are in the roadmap of Naftogaz Group's IT strategy
  • 16thousand employees studied in the TMS system
  • 1month took the integration of the ETRM system with Argus services
  • 28Naftogaz Group companies use SAP BPC
  • 1515 minutes takes contract negotiation in the ETRM system

Digitalization tasks

Use comprehensive information systems and unified infrastructure solutions that can be replicated and scaled for the future growth of Naftogaz Group companies' business and production processes

Our projects

SAP-based solutions

During the implementation of SAP products, Naftogaz was the first company that switched to specialized cloud service instead of buying physical servers.

Naftogaz Group companies are implementing SAP S/4HANA enterprise management system, SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC), and a centralized management system for regulatory reference information based on SAP Master Data Governance (SAP MDG).

After the introduction of SAP BPC, the preparation period of consolidated statements decreased by a third. In addition, Naftogaz also automated about 60% of manual payments in preparing consolidated financial statements.

Implementation of TMS

Naftogaz is the first state-owned company in Ukraine that introduces the TMS Talent Management System, covering the entire life cycle of an employee: from recruitment to career development planning.

A unified personnel evaluation system has been implemented based on TMS – from top managers to ordinary employees. Currently, 19 Naftogaz Group companies throughout Ukraine have access to TMS.

Gas products for Ukrainians

We are working on the most efficient and convenient services for Ukrainians in digital format. In particular, household consumers of natural gas can quickly and easily join GSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine" on the website with the help of the application "Diia." The effectiveness of the new solution is that the part of the information that needs to be provided to change the supplier, the customer can upload to the application form automatically after confirmation in the mobile application "Diia." In addition, the client's use of this service eliminates the requirement to add scan-certificates RNOKPP (formerly - TIN, individual tax number) in the application.

Megapolis document management system

With the help of EDS (electronic digital signature), Naftogaz employees can sign documents without reference to the office in the Megapolis system. Thus, we care about the planet, save paper, and see the cycle of documents in corporate nature.

Centralization of solutions from Microsoft  

We integrate Microsoft 365 services using cloud technologies. Thanks to this process, the company was able to unite communication channels for its employees and significantly increase information security. In addition, modern services allowed the Naftogaz team to stay in touch during the pandemic and work without business losses.

Creating an ETRM ecosystem

The Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) project accelerates commercial decision-making by forming a single database of counterparties, contracts, and agreements, real-time data exchange between front, middle and back-office functions, and security, compliance, and risk management and financial control.

It helps to increase efficiency, transparency, and control of gas trading operations and improve commercial risk management and quality of management decisions. For example, earlier, it took about 20 signatures and several days to agree on one contract for the sale or purchase of gas; now, this process is as automated as possible and takes 15-20 minutes.

Moving to the cloud  

Previously, Naftogaz's IT infrastructure was placed on its physical servers, which were "morally" outdated and did not meet the needs of modern automated systems. As a result, technical specialists could no longer modernize them and transform the infrastructure simultaneously.

In 2021, we moved Naftogaz's central office's physical and virtual servers to the private PRO Cloud. 

PRO Cloud is a physically isolated virtual infrastructure provided to the customer for exclusive use and has the highest level of accessibility and security. Therefore, it is a vital option for companies with critical infrastructures, such as Naftogaz.

BPMS Solution

BPMS is a platform for automating business processes within the Naftogaz Group, which will increase the company's operational efficiency. We are talking about a list of tasks for creating a unified and transparent environment for working in the company. We implemented the first projects for the legal department of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine.

Marina Kvashnina

Naftogaz Digital Technologies LLC is an IT company that provides information consulting services, software product development, and centralized provision of information and technical assistance for Naftogaz Group companies.

The company was established on June 21, 2018. The founder and the only participant of Naftogaz Digital is NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine."

Since May 2019, Marina Kvashnina has become a Chief Executive Officer of Naftogaz Digital Technologies. Marina also holds the position of Chief Information Officer of NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine" and Authorized Head of the Corporate Function "Information Technology Management of Naftogaz Group."

The function includes all IT departments of Naftogaz Group, which are engaged in the digital transformation of the national company.

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