Is Russia weaponizing gas and what does it mean for the European energy market?

Naftogaz CEO
Yuriy Vitrenko

This event assesses Russia’s position vis-à-vis the situation in European gas markets, the latest developments around Nord Stream 2, and the implications for Ukraine.

European gas markets face unprecedented pressures on multiple fronts. Concerns over climate change and demand for greener energy are complicated by Russia’s willingness to abuse rising prices to expand its access to EU markets.

Russia’s already dominant position as the key supplier of gas to the EU looks set to strengthen further as the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is certified by Germany and EU authorities. Given this, the role of Ukraine as a transit country is likely to alter.

Speakers cover the EU-Russia-Ukraine energy triangle and discuss where (or whether) Ukraine will fit into European energy security in future. They dissect the challenges presented by a functioning NS2 and Kyiv’s own vision for its role in the future of the European energy system.


Yuriy Vitrenko, CEO, Naftogaz

Simon Pirani, Senior Research Fellow, Gas Research Programme, Oxford Institute of Energy Studies

Orysia Lutsevych, Head and Research Fellow, Ukraine Forum, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House