All but one region in Ukraine reduced gas consumption in 2015

Gas demand declined across all consumer categories

Gas demand declined across all consumer categories

In 2015, Ukrainian consumers used 31.0 bcm of gas compared to 38.9 bcm in 2014.

Luhansk and Donetsk regions, portions of which remain occupied, have experienced the most severe decline in demand (–67% and –46% respectively).

Consumption decreased in all but one region of Ukraine. The 4% (0.09 bcm) consumption increase in Odesa region is explained by the intensification of the Odesa Port Plant activities (+0.26 bcm). At the same time, households of in the region reduced gas consumption from 0.66 bcm to 0.54 bcm (–19%), a decline comparable to that of residential customers in other regions of Ukraine. The chemical industry remains one of the largest gas consumers in Ukraine.

Data excludes gas volumes used for operating needs of gas producers and operators of gas transmission and distribution systems.
Data on the occupied areas of Crimea and southern Donbas are not available.

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