Gas supplies in Balkan direction to be fully restored on 3 September

Ukrtransgaz completed repair works ahead of schedule

Ukrtransgaz completed repair works ahead of schedule

Ukrtransgaz has successfully completed repair works at the transit pipeline carrying gas in the Balkan direction. The works were completed in four days, twice sooner than initially planned. On 3 September, the supplies will be restored to the full scale.

The defect was found last Friday during the scheduled inspection of the trunk pipeline. The repair works started on Monday. In order to securely remedy the issue, the defected section has been replaced with a new pipe.

“During the repair time, the pressure had been decreased. As a result, the gas transmission via Orlovka gas metering station to consumers in the Balkan direction was decreased from 40 down to 18 mcm per day,” Ukrtransgaz reported. GTS operators in the neighbouring countries had been duly informed about resuming the full scale supply in that direction starting from tomorrow.

For video from the repair site, please see the report at Ukrtransgaz site.

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