The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approves the Financial Plan of Naftogaz of Ukraine NJSC

On May 31, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the consolidated financial plan of Naftogaz of Ukraine National Joint Stock Company for 2006. The basic indices of the consolidated cash flow show that the company’s revenues in 2006 are to total UAH 48.5 billion (USD 9.6 billion).

According to the gas price raising schedule set in Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No 605 (29/04/06), the planned growth in the revenues will be to be due to a UAH 3.6 billion (USD 0.7 billion) growth in prices for natural gas and a UAH 0.5 billion (USD 0.1 billion) increase in gas transportation and supply tariffs.

Adjusted expenditures of Naftogaz for 2006 have been reduced by 4.8 billion (USD 0.95 billion) and are to amount to UAH 53 billion (USD 10.5 billion).

The consolidated financial plan includes data from the financial plan of Naftogaz as an independent legal entity, its subsidiary companies and companies a 50 percent stake plus one share in which is under the management of Naftogaz (except for Ukrnafta OJSC).

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