Major improvement in Ukrainian compliance with gas saving targets

Ukraine used almost 19% less gas last month than in January 2014

Ukrainian industrial consumers, government financed institutions, district heating companies and households used 5.24 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas in January 2015, a drop of 19% (almost 1 bcm) compared to the same period last year. Government Decree 296 (dated 9 July 2014) aims to reduce gas usage among industrial consumers, government financed institutions and district heating companies. Gas usage among these three major categories was 13% above the target set out in Government Decree 296 in January (compared to 25.6% above target in December 2014). These categories consumed 2.87 bcm of gas compared to the target volume of 2.54 bcm. Ukrainian households used 2.37 bcm in January, which was 20% lower than the same period in 2014. All data excludes Crimea.


The largest breaches of the targets established by Government Decree 296 were observed in Rivne (+151%), Cherkasy (+83%) and Odesa (33%) regions. During the same period six regions consumed less gas than target while 13 regions were within 15% of the established government benchmark.

In particular, Zakarpatskiy (-16%), Zhytomyr (-14%), Volyn (-6%), Sumy (-3%) and Luhansk (-44%) regions consumed less gas than their allocated target (although the figure for Luhansk reflects data delays and disruption linked to the Anti-Terrorist Operation in this region).

Industrial consumers reduced their usage volume above target by more than one third but were still 20% above the desired level while district heating companies more than halved their excess of target versus December but remained 11% over the desired benchmark (these two categories were 31% and 26% above target, respectively, in December). Government financed institutions used 23% less gas than target in January.

Government Decree 296 targets natural gas usage of 70-90% of the previous year’s levels for industrial consumers, government financed institutions and district heating companies. The Decree does not set any targets for natural gas consumption by households.

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