Naftogaz of Ukraine joins AGSI+ transparency platform of Gas Infrastructure Europe

NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine (Naftogaz) joined Aggregate Gas Storage Inventory (AGSI ) transparency platform ...

NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine (Naftogaz) joined Aggregate Gas Storage Inventory (AGSI+) transparency platform of Gas Storage Europe (GIE). Starting from this week, the information about volume in stock in Ukrainian storage facilities representing a working gas volume of 32bcm will be reported disaggregated on a weekly basis. The data will be released on Fridays showing storage status as at the previous Wednesday.
The GSE (AGSI+) platform is accessible at:

Ukraine is the first non-EU country to join the GSE platform. “This is an important step forward for Naftogaz in raising transparency of the company and integrating into the EU gas market. Naftogaz has proposed the EU to employ Ukrainian storage infrastructure. We intend to offer a competitive and comfortable storage solution to European clients,” — said Andriy Kobolyev, Naftogaz’ Chairman of the Board. For this solution to work effectively, it is important that the reverse flow via one of the four underutilized existing pipes at Ukraine-Slovakia border (the “large reverse”) is opened. “European Commission, Slovak TSO Eustream and Naftogaz work actively on making the large reverse operational as soon as possible.”

Nicole Otterberg, GSE president, stated: “Transparency on storage levels is a key indicator to measure security of gas supply in Europe. GSE is proud to expand the level of transparency by winning Naftogaz of Ukraine as a new contributor to AGSI+”.

AGSI+ delivers online daily data representing working gas volume of approximately 79bcm, i.e. around 82% of EU technical storage capacity. It shows volume in stock for 31 storage operators in 15 EU-member states.
GSE is one column of GIE, Gas Infrastructure Europe, the European association of the Transmission, Storage and LNG terminal Operators.

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