Naftogaz of Ukraine demands to stop insinuations as for the negotiation process regarding natural gas supply to Ukraine

Naftogaz of Ukraine requires UkrGazEnergo and RosUkrEnergo to stop politicization and enhancing social tension as for the negotiation process in relation to natural gas supply to Ukraine.

Disregarding the fact that Naftogaz of Ukraine, Gazprom, RosUkrEnergo and UkrGazEnergo are working hard to settle all controversial issues, some UkrGazEnergo representatives keep on making provocative statements. Currently, UkrGazEnergo is an intermediary that sells only 5 bcm of imported natural gas to the Ukrainian consumers. Our Company considers such statements as energy blackmail targeted to discredit Ukrainian oil and gas policy.

Moreover, RosUkrEnergo and Naftogaz joint venture UkrGazEnergo, which used to be the only supplier of imported natural gas to Ukraine, excessively complicated the whole procedure of natural gas supply to Ukrainian consumers in November-December 2007, aiming to destabilize domestic natural gas market and hamper reliable natural gas transit to Western Europe.

Therefore, in fact, Naftogaz of Ukraine and its subsidiaries entirely bear responsibility for reliable natural gas supply to consumers in both Ukraine and Western Europe.

Naftogaz of Ukraine believes that any public accusations of any party, given the negotiation process is not completed, severely violate the principles of business ethic and damages both Naftogaz and our state reputation.

Our Company urges all participants of the above mentioned negotiations to adhere to the principal of tolerance and restrain themselves from any comments unless the negotiation process is over.


Naftogaz of Ukraine

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