Ukrainian parliamentarians addressed German federal chancellor Merkel regarding Nord Stream 2

Ukrainian MPs called for “joint discussion with all relevant countries”. In an open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel last week, 20 members of the Ukrainian parliament have criticized the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline project and ...

Ukrainian MPs called for “joint discussion with all relevant countries”

In an open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel last week, 20 members of the Ukrainian parliament have criticized the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline project and backed an earlier protest letter signed by nearly 70 MEPs and over 20 EU member state MPs sent to the Chancellor earlier this month. This latest letter called for changes to German government policy relating to the pipeline project and deplored the "deep rift between EU member states" that the government had allowed by backing the Kremlin project.

The Ukrainian parliamentarians who signed this new protest letter emphasized the negative consequences, both for Ukraine and for the European Union as a whole, of the Nord Stream 2 project. They were also critical of the fact that the decision for Nord Stream 2 was apparently made without regard to the wider European context. Only a few will benefit from the project, the signatories noted, while at the same time it will have wide-ranging detrimental economic effects and fuel political corruption.

In accordance with the Ukrainian MPs letter, Central and Eastern European states fear that Gazprom might squeeze unreasonable contractual terms out of them as soon as the project is operational, as has already been frequently the case, in order to enhance its dominant position on the European gas market. As an example, parliamentarians cite the abrupt ending of prepaid gas supplies to Ukraine in March 2018, which threatened the supply and security of millions of families in Ukraine and the EU. Scandinavian countries are alarmed about the implications on their national security, while there are concerns that Nord Stream 2 would create dangers to shipping in the Baltic Sea.

For Ukraine, access to energy resources and physical security are at risk if Russia completes the pipeline project, parliamentarians say. Gas transit is not only a source of revenue for Ukraine. It is an important element of the national defence system. Without the country’s pipeline transit role, there will be no adequate deterrence to any potential military escalation of the current Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The majority of EU member states have already expressed concerns about Nord Stream 2. At the same time, Ukraine is actively pursuing a European integration path, for example through the adoption of a natural gas law that is in line with the EU's third energy package. In addition to this, the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine has created a framework for enhanced cooperation, including consultations when necessary. With reference to this consultation clause, Ukrainian parliamentarians now propose a joint discussion of the Nord Stream 2 project with the participation of all relevant countries including Ukraine.

The full text of the open letter can be found on the website of the Parliament of Ukraine.
The letter was signed by the following members of the Ukrainian Parliament:

1. Hanna Hopko
2. Viktoriya Voytsitska
3. Oksana Yurynets
4. Oleksii Riabchyn
5. Mariia Ionova
6. Tetiana Ostrikova
7. Teteruk Andrii
8. Iryna Friz
9. Leonid Yemets
10. Hryhorii Shverk
11. Artur Gerasymov
12. Olga Bielkova
13. Viktor Vovk
14. Svitlana Zalishchuk
15. Serhii Vysotskiy
16. Volodymyr Ariev
17. Iryna Gerashchenko
18. Oleksandr Dombrovskyi
19. Boryslav Bereza
20. Ostap Yednak

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