Chairman of Board ‘Naftogaz of Ukraine’ NJSC Volodymyr Sheludchenko and Member of Board E.On Ruhrgas AG Jochen Weise hold negotiations

Kyiv, August 30, 2006

Today the Chairman of the Board ‘Naftogaz of Ukraine’ NJSC Volodymyr Sheludchenko held negotiations with a delegation of E.On Ruhrgas AG headed by the Member of the Board Dr.Jochen Weise. The meeting was held on the initiative of the German party.

In the course of negotiations, the parties raised issues of bilateral cooperation between ‘Naftogaz of Ukraine’ NJSC and E.On Ruhrgas AG in the field of transportation, transit and distribution of natural gas flows; implementation and improvement of gas accounting systems, power saving within gas industry and among consumers.

Volodymyr Sheludchenko and Jochen Weise also discussed the issue of dependence of transit and supply of gas during the coming up heating season. The Chairman of the Board ‘Naftogaz of Ukraine’ indicated that circa 130 million cubic meters of gas were pumped into the Ukrainian underground storages every day, which should accumulate sufficient supplies for uninterrupted operations in winter. Schedule for supply and pumping of gas is completely agreed upon with gas suppliers and observed by all parties.

The Member of the Board E.On Ruhrgas AG and the Head of the Board ‘Naftogaz of Ukraine’ NJSC agreed upon initiating a dialogue between the two companies.

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