Data shows Ukraine’s gas transit system is almost 8 times more reliable than Russia’s

18.06.2014, 22:15:05

Comparable analysis of past disruptions on trunk pipelines of Ukraine and Russia shows that the Russian gas transportation system experienced 7,77 times more major accidents per 1000 km than the Ukrainian one.

This conclusion summarizes a report prepared by Ukrtransgas analysts based on the company’s own information and publicly available data of Gazprom.

The report covers only major emergency incidents which led to a disruption in transit gas flow in trunk pipelines of both gas transit systems. The analysts have calculated a relative disruption index based on the number of major disruptions per 1000 km of trunk pipeline during 1996-2014.

During the past 10 years there have been 5 major disruptions at Ukraine’s trunk pipelines compared to approximately 200 at Gazprom’s trunk transit network. The total length of Ukraine’s gas transit system is 35.71 thousand km, whereas that of Russia extends to a total of 168.9 thousand km.

The previous emergency incident of this category in Ukraine has occurred in 2007 at the pipeline section operated by Haisyn unit in central Ukraine.

Ukrtransgas experts are confident that the relatively higher reliability of Ukrainian gas transportation system is achieved through meticulous work of the company’s staff that ensures constant enhancement of the system’s security and is based on European best practices.

Public Relations Department
National Joint-Stock Company «Naftogaz of Ukraine»