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Industry magazine, 2021

№1 2021 рік

Magazine №1: 10 years on the wave of development

Issue Theme and content: The Department of «Oil, Gas and Condensate Production» of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”

  • Methodical approach to determining the fluid conductivity of ruptural tectonic disturbances based on the hydro-geochemical i ndicators of the qualitative composition of the underground potable water.
  • New low-density cement material.
  • Development of an integrated casing metal protection against corrosive action of hydrogen sulfide
  • Simulation of the process of dual-combined production of hydrocarbon and geothermal resources in a well of gas condensate field
  • Improving the integrity of the shut-off elements of the master gate valve

Industry magazine №2, 2021

magazine №2
  • Prospecting of paleochannel objects in the sections of the Dnieper-Donetsk depression to enhance the resource base of hydrocarbons of JSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya.
  • Genesis of hydrocarbons and formation of their deposits as a basis for forecasting oil and gas bearing capacity of deep submerged horizons of sedimentary basins.
  • Inverted oil-emulsion cement slurry for fastening productive intervals of deep wells opened on hydrocarbon emulsions.
  • Engineering approaches to fracture mechanics during crack bridging in structural elements (Part 2).
  • Simulation of the process of dual-combined production of hydrocarbon and geothermal resources in a well of gas condensate field.
  • Race is still in action: changes in government and trade in terms of the global energy transition.
  • Teaching the “Security in the gas industry” for bachelor and master students of civil security.

Industry magazine №3, 2021

magazine №3
  • The East European Gas Hub. Green Deal. Ukrainian initiative.
  • Own production stabilisation and enhancement.
  • Hubs and wholesale gas markets of Eastern Europe.
  • Regional gas transmission networks. Gas flows in the future.
  • Biomethane as a climate policy element.
  • Hydrogen at the 7th Ukrainian Gas Forum: the transition from a vague discussion to solving real problems.
  • Improving corporate governance: a key component of reforming state-owned companies.
  • In the coming years, the geopolitical impact on energy will be even greater.

Industry magazine №4, 2021

випуск №4



  • Corporate restructuring in Ukraine in the context of unbundling of the enterprises of gas sector of the economy.
  • Methods for estimating the degree of carbonate at rock cement of complex Neogene deposits during filtration calculations.
  • Modelling of technological processes and constructions using the SolidWorks software environment.
  • Installation for modelling the shutoff of oil and gas wells.
  • Usage of natural gas and hydrogen mixture as fuel in municipal and industrial fuel-burning heat generating plants.
  • Modern approaches to the training of master students in the field of "Training and regulation in the civil security sphere" for the petroleum industry.
  • Ukrainian professionals holding managing positions in the ministries and departments of the oil and gas complex of the former USSR