Ukraine has the single largest growth opportunity in natural gas production in the EU.

Ukraine holds the №2 largest 2P reserves (after Norway) and prospective resources (after UK). 

Country has defined ambitious growth strategy aimed at energy independence (zero import in natural gas) by 2030, which will require USD 25-30 B of investments in exploration & production over the next decade, beyond country’s financial potential. 

To realize this potential, Naftogaz, as the owner of the largest asset portfolio and a state-owned national oil & gas company, considers cooperation with investors and partners. The purpose is to attract investments, technology and expertise to the Ukrainian gas exploration and production sector.


Naftogaz, with State’s support, has obtained significant new potential to grow its resource base and gas production.

This includes the exclusive rights for 30 years for 30’000 sq km of new acreage in the most promising areas offshore (North Western Black Sea). Combined with another 10’000 sq km of strategic assets onshore in Dnieper Donets Basin and Western Ukraine (4 PSAs, Yuzivska block, tight gas areas, deeper reservoirs), Naftogaz aims to implement unique projects in gas sector through strategic partnerships.


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