• 53 700employees
  • < 3%staff turnover in 2021
  • 24%the share of women
  • < 17,8% employees believe that they will be able to quickly find a job with better conditions

Become part of Naftogaz

Naftogaz Group is one of the largest employers in Ukraine. We value and care for our employees, providing them with the appropriate conditions to fulfil their professional potential and for maximize their development. After all, the success of a large company consists of the success stories of its individual employees.

Naftogaz employees are united by common values: courage, openness, honesty, and justice.

Working for Naftogaz Group is not just about gaining opportunities for professional and career growth as well as competitive labour remuneration. By joining our family of many thousands, you will become part of an ambitious team whose goal is to achieve Ukraine’s energy independence and increase the well-being of Ukrainians.


Naftogaz has had an open recruitment process since 2016: vacancies are published on the company’s internal portal and on job search sites. We invite people to take part in the selection process, evaluate candidates by means of interviews by competencies, and involve recruitment agencies in search for certain specialists. If you want to join Naftogaz Group, please send your CV to [email protected].


Caring for employees

We are proud to successfully transform the organization into a modern, prestigious, and transparent company. Naftogaz is the alma mater for thousands of employees. Staff turnover in 2021 was 3%, which is a very low figure. We manage to keep qualified staff, in particular, thanks to competitive salaries.

As a socially responsible company, Naftogaz implements a number of programmes for employees to take care of their health. Our employees have additional vacation days, health insurance programmes, preferential conditions for purchasing season tickets to fitness clubs, and there are specially equipped medical points in offices and enterprises.

In the regions where the Group operates we help hospitals, schools, and rebuild infrastructure. We were also the driving force behind a law that allowed 5% of rent to be left to local communities.

Principles of equality

According to World Petroleum Council statistics, the share of women in the oil and gas industry is 22%. However, in Naftogaz Group, the share of women is 24%, higher than the global average. Women successfully work with us, in particular in technical specialities: geology, engineering, geophysics, ecology, and in technical data analyst roles.


Professional development

At various times, the Group has accumulated from 65% to 85% of Ukrainian personnel in the oil and gas industry. We need a large number of people, and the only way to provide ourselves with staff is to educate them ourselves.

We also attract foreign specialists, invest in training and internships. I

Both employees and external experts echo our efforts. In 2020, Naftogaz Group was acknowledged as:


In addition, one of our training projects for employees, the School of Drilling, won the HR-Brand Ukraine 2020 award.

Join us! This is a great chance to be part of a major national company!

HR policy

We create expertise and unleash the potential of our employees, energizing them for the further development of Naftogaz Group and our society.

Our main objectives are to create an environment where every employee is aware of the meaning and purpose of their work, strives for continuous development, and is part of a culture of openness, respect and cooperation. Out staff are involved in projects for the development of the company, are provided with everything necessary for quality work, and feel safe while enjoying job satisfaction working for a true purpose. The company’s corporate culture supports initiative, responsibility, result orientation, high ethical standards, professionalism, and cooperation.

We provide employees with ample opportunities to discover talents and competencies to help them fulfil their professional potential. The group is guided in its activities by modern approaches and actively conducts digitalization.