Naftogaz is working on programs to increase the use of biogas

National Joint Stock Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” is working on the development of programs to increase the use of biogas. This was announced by Naftogaz’s CEO Yuriy Vitrenko at the 7th Ukrainian Gas Forum “Eastern European Gas Hub. Green Deal. Ukrainian Initiative”.

“In the near future, we need to present national programs that will significantly increase the production of biogas and, in particular, biomethane. I know that the Government and the President of Ukraine attach great importance to this issue,” Yuriy Vitrenko said.

He added that currently the use of biogas and biomass for heating is constrained, in particular, by the statutory discount for consumers on heat produced from bioresources, as compared to the price of heat produced from gas. Therefore, it reduces the attractiveness of such business for investors.

“This deviation should be taken into account, fair competition should be put in place and the use of biomass for district heating should be stimulated instead”, Mr Vitrenko said.

Naftogaz’s CEO stressed that new activities, such as the production of biogas, biomethane and “green hydrogen” are of great importance for the development of the Company.

“Naftogaz is a gas company. This means that we will deal with both biogas and hydrogen, because hydrogen is also a gas. Everything gas-related is our business”, Yuriy Vitrenko resumed.

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