Social partnership



In 2020, all segments of population all over the world appeared vulnerable to a new disease. As a socially responsible company, we have traditionally stepped in to solve this problem that faced Ukraine. We immediately focused on providing assistance throughout Ukraine, not limiting ourselves to the regions of presence our employees. Bilateral consultations with the Ministry of Health identified top priorities and products that hospitals needed most to fight the pandemic and its spread.

humanitarian cargo in record time and delivered it to Ukraine on 3 flights, including the world’s largest aircraft An-225 “Mriya”. The humanitarian consignment included 500,000 protective suits, 700 patient monitors, 50 mobile digital X-ray machines and 50 portable ultrasound scanners, which the company distributed and donated free of charge to 287 medical institutions in all regions of Ukraine. The total cost of the cargo along with delivery charges amounted to UAH 589 million.

Also, to provide for a safe conduct of the external independent testing Naftogaz responded to the request of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and purchased medical masks, non-contact thermometers, disinfectants, insulating medical gowns, and protective shields for medical workers for UAH 15.5 million. 36 million were allocated for the current needs of physicians in the Group’s regions of presence. These are mostly personal protective equipment and consumables. 17 million were donated by the Group’s employees personally to cover the needs that arose during the fight against the pandemic. In preparation for the second wave of the disease outbreak, Naftogaz Group repaired 49 ventilators worth UAH 4.2 million at the request of the Ministry of Health. In December 2020, 10,000 oxygen cylinders to a total worth of UAH 50 million were purchased outside Ukraine and delivered to cover the needs of the Ukrainian hospitals, in particular, for the operation of ventilators.

The total amount of support provided for the fight against COVID-19 has exceeded UAH 720 million.

As of the end of 2021, an average of 75% of all employees of the company and its subsidiaries have completed a full course of vaccination against COVID-19. In National Joint Stock Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, this figure exceeds 90%.

Assistance for the army

Since the beginning of hostilities in eastern Ukraine, Naftogaz has been actively assisting the Armed Forces of Ukraine that defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state. Since 2014, the Company has handed over 56 apartments to combatants with disabilities, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Security Service of Ukraine were provided with 174 units of equipment, including 1 unmanned aerial vehicle “Valkyrie” for the Armed Forces. 500 children of combatants from different regions of Ukraine received the Artek-Bukovel camp vouchers. For the seventh year in a row, Naftogaz employees are making a voluntary charity donation in support of the Ukrainian army (most often it is one-day earnings of an employee). Since 2014, the amount of funds raised has exceeded UAH 50 million. We use the funds raised to purchase medical equipment, soldier uniform and gear. At the level of the company’s management cooperation is ongoing with the charitable foundations “Come Back Alive” and “National Home Front – Rehabilitation”.