Vehicles, special equipment, fuel and water - Naftogaz Group helps Kherson region following Kakhovka dam destruction

Naftogaz Group companies are donating vehicles, special equipment, fuel and water to help residents of the Kherson region affected by destruction of Kakhovka dam and power plant, and is also sending specialists to assist local authorities.

The list of items needed was compiled at request of the Kherson Regional Military Administration.

Once again, the Russians have violated all possible laws of war. Our country is experiencing a man-made disaster, the scale of which is yet to be fully assessed. Thousands of people have lost everything in a single day. We cannot stand aside in such a situation. Part of the aid has already been collected and sent to Kherson region; part will be there within a week," commented Naftogaz Group CEO Oleksiy Chernyshov.

The six vehicles that Naftogaz companies are donating include a SHERP all-terrain amphibious vehicle with a trailer, two long-haul trucks, a shift car, and an operational passenger car.

A team of fitters and welders has also been sent to help repair the damage caused by the disaster. Kherson region will receive a range of equipment: pipes of various diameters, a dozer shovel, a de-watering installation and two slurry pumps.

The Group will also donate 60 tons of diesel fuel, 60 tons of gasoline, and 20 tons of packaged water.

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