Digitalization of Naftogaz – new opportunities for employees’ growth

Naftogaz introduces an integral IT system across the group - Talent Management System (TMS) based on the Cornerstone OnDemand™ solution

Naftogaz introduces an integral IT system across the group - Talent Management System (TMS) based on the Cornerstone OnDemand™ solution. The system is being introduced to improve management efficiency, develop and support corporate culture and provide employees with new opportunities for professional and career growth.

The TMS launch is a strategic initiative within the framework of the general strategy for digitalization and IPO readiness of Naftogaz Group.

The objective of TMS introduction at Naftogaz is to create a comfortable digital environment for managers and employees with the view to implement management processes and opportunities for developing employees and the company’s overall potential.

The system includes execution management (setting objectives and controlling their execution) for each employee, search and adaptation of employees, education and career management.

The TMS significantly facilitates cooperation among managers and employees of all levels, as it helps manage goals and monitor their progress.

All employees will have access to online courses for professional improvement and competence development. Each employee will be able to track stages of their career growth and train for further promotion within the Group.

The first stage will cover 15 thousand employees of the Group, the second – 30 thousand and the final third stage – the rest of the employees. One of the systems key tasks is to provide a development platform for each employee, specialist and manager.

“The Group’s management will have productive tools to engage, motivate and encourage effective employees. Employees will get simple and comprehensible tools for planning their career development within Naftogaz Group. People are our most valuable asset. We want them to be successful and competitive at Naftogaz, as their personal success is key to success of the entire Naftogaz team,” chief HR officer at Naftogaz Group Margarita Korotkova emphasized.

“The TMS is based on the cloud solution, does not require capital investments in the IT infrastructure and is easily accepted in the company,” Naftogaz IT director Maryna Kvashnina explained. According to her, the digitalization of the Group has several objectives including the following: remove paper documents; increase transparency of business processes, accuracy and speed of data with controlled access to information. Implementing big infrastructure projects like TMS allows to simplify and accelerate the Group’s day-to-day businesses processes as well as to offer a comprehensive model, which will enable employees to work safely and effectively both in the office and remotely.

“Naftogaz’s people strategy is to place professional development and career growth at the heart of their culture. At Cornerstone, we’re excited to support Naftogaz in accelerating its digitisation strategy by providing the digital environment that empowers their people to grow as the business grows. This approach by Naftogaz means it is flexible and agile and able to take on new challenges and opportunities, truly embracing the future,” said Vincent Belliveau, Chief Executive EMEA, Cornerstone OnDemand.

The TMS will be provided by Cornerstone OnDemand, one of the global leaders in the TMS segment. Naftogaz Digital Technologies LLC will implement the project and further maintain the system.


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