Oleksiy Chernyshov: Naftogaz has already begun preparing for next heating season

Naftogaz CEO Oleksiy Chernyshov confirmed during a January 31, 2022 meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Housing and Communal Services that Ukraine has sufficient volumes of gas to successfully pass the current heating season.

“Last year, by the beginning of the winter season, we managed to accumulate 14.5 bcm of gas in our underground storage facilities. Within certain scenarios, this was enough. Unfortunately, enemy shelling damaged the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, creating the need for additional volume of gas for electricity generation,” informed Chernyshov.

The Naftogaz CEO noted that so far, an additional 1.1 bcm of imported gas has been sourced with further volumes expected. This will be enough to complete the autumn-winter period under the current weather conditions.

Despite the all-out war taking place in the country, Naftogaz Group companies are also introducing a new approach to preparation for the heating season with a two-year planning cycle. Naftogaz’s team is already working on a strategic plan for next 2023/2024 heating season.

“We are changing the logic of preparation for the heating season. Now we are preparing for two heating seasons at the same time and attempting to take all challenges and risks into account. The importance of the matter lies not only whether we will have enough gas for this winter, but also what gas balance we will end the season with and where we will get fuel before the next season,” added Chernyshov.

The Naftogaz team is already working on a strategic plan for the  2023/2024 heating season. “Naftogaz has a lot riding on this. Both in terms of gas production and gas supply to end consumers, and now also in terms of oil products and gas distribution networks. That means a lot of work and great responsibility. It is important for the Parliamentary Committee to hear your plans and have the opportunity to ask questions. We are committed to productive and constructive cooperation,” commented Andrii Herus, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Housing and Communal Services.

One of Naftogaz Group’s priorities is to increase its own gas production, as this will directly affect Ukraine’s energy sustainability in the years to come. Additionally, CEO Chernyshov announced the first meeting with all members of the newly appointed Naftogaz Supervisory Board. “I welcome the appointment of the company’s Supervisory Board. It will contribute to transparent management and rebuilding the trust of international partners,”said Chernyshov.

The Ukrainian Government recently appointed a new Naftogaz Supervisory Board which will ensure transparency and control over the company’s performance.

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