Naftogaz Group assumes responsibility for gas distribution in Cherkasy region

Naftogaz has begun the planned integration of JSC Cherkasygaz into its corporate structure.

The primary objective of these corporate changes is to optimize the functioning of the gas distribution system in Cherkasy region, thereby strengthening the country's energy sector.

The restart of the company's operations will begin with the preparation of the region's critical infrastructure for the upcoming 2023/2024 heating season.

To ensure the highest level of efficiency, the company's operations will reflect new corporate principles.

In addition to modernizing technical processes, top priorities include meeting all financial obligations to partners and improving customer service.

For reference:

NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine is actively developing a reliable gas distribution framework in both rear and front line areas in compliance with current legislation.

Under martial law, the company has gained experience in integrating 16 regional and municipal gas distribution companies, including JSC Cherkasygaz, JSC Donetskoblgaz, JSC Kirovohradgaz, JSC Dniprogaz, JSC Kharkivgaz, JSC Kryvorizhgaz, JSC Kharkivmiskgaz, JSC Kyivoblgaz, JSC Zhytomyrgaz, JSC Lvivgaz, JSC Vinnytsiagaz, JSC Sumygaz, JSC Dnipropetrovskgaz, JSC Khmelnytskygaz, JSC Ivano-Frankivskgaz and JSC Mykolaivgaz.

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