Oleksiy Chernyshov: 99.7% of boiler plants working in Ukraine

Despite constant shelling, Ukraine has started the heating season with 99.7% of boiler houses working. At present, 99.6% of residential buildings, 97.9% of kindergartens, 98.9% of schools and 99.9% of healthcare facilities are heated as of 28 November, according to Naftogaz CEO Oleksiy Chernyshov.

The main task today is to ensure the sustainable operation of these facilities, as well as the rapid repair of damaged facilities.

I encourage everyone to be prepared to respond rapidly to any emergency situations. The terrorist state once again demonstrated to the world its true character. I thank all energy workers who tirelessly repair infrastructure so that Ukrainians have light and heat," commented Chernyshov at a meeting on preparations for the heating season.

Thanks to the coordinated actions of all services, 316 heat supply facilities have already been restored by 28 November, representing 53.3% of the total number of affected facilities. Special efforts are currently focused on establishing the operation of heat-generating enterprises in the liberated parts of Kharkiv and Kherson regions, where the situation regarding access to communications remains difficult.

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