In Naftogaz’s Code of Corporate Ethics you can find the values and principles our employees follow in their interactions with one another, partners, competitors, the state, and society. Adherence to the provisions of the Code by all our employees helps us successfully realise our mission and protect the interests of the employees and business partners.

Code of Сorporate Ethics

Anti-corruption program of NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine" 

Naftogaz Group makes systemic effort in shaping the culture of zero tolerance towards corruption. Compliance function as well as the Code of Ethics apply at all levels. Naftogaz makes comprehensive effort to improve its management system, including recruiting and hiring.

Anti-corruption program of NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine" 

Respect for human rights

Naftogaz Group operates in accordance with the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the conventions of the International Labour Organization, and the UN Global Compact.

We ensure 

Freedom of association and collective bargaining by respecting the right of employees to independently choose and join trade unions or other organizations to represent their interests. 

Proper working conditions and compensation package.

Non-discrimination, prohibition of forced and child labour.

Equal opportunities 

We provide equal opportunities for professional growth, exercise of labour rights, professional and creative potential development to all employees of Naftogaz Group with no exceptions. Any distinction, exclusion or preference based on race, skin colour, political, religious or other beliefs, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic, social or foreign origin, age, state of health, family and property status, trade union or other civil association membership, participation in a strike, or any other manifestation of discrimination are unacceptable.

In particular, we adhere to principles of gender equality in Naftogaz Group, by making consistent efforts to engage women. The proportion of women in the company makes almost 24%, which exceeds the average all over the globe (according to statistics of World Petroleum Council, women account for 22% in the oil and gas industry). Our supervisory board is gender-balanced, 25% of directors are also women. A significant number of women represent our management, as well as our blue-collar specialists.

Ethical procurement

All procurement processes in Naftogaz Group take place in  ProZorro system that ranked top in the Transparent Public Procurement Rating 2020. We abide by the key principles of ethical procurement that imply bona-fide competition among bidders. This means no discriminatory practices exercised by the customers whatsoever.  In order to achieve maximum cost saving and efficiency, the Company draws up annual procurement plan and publishes it in advance.
Using a system of technical regulations, standardised criteria have been defined to assess and set technical requirements for the top categories of goods and services procured. The company’s specialists conduct detailed market research, monitor commercial offers from potential vendors, which ensures extra accuracy in determining the expected cost.
2020 saw the start of separation of procurement control function. The newly established independent contract boards and contracting departments at all levels of Naftogaz Group companies provide supervision over the correctness of the procurement procedure. The independence of control is primarily ensured to increase the transparency of procurement processes, prevent anti-competitive behaviour and bolster the level of trust from our vendors. The company values development and maintenance of partnership relations based on mutual benefit, respect, trust and fairness, lack of bias, and has been diligently fulfilling its contractual obligations.

Government relations 

Aware of the public significance of our performance results, accountability towards the state and the Government in particular as the founder and the sole shareholder, Naftogaz Group strives to build and maintain sustainable, constructive relations with the government and local authorities based on the principles of legality, integrity, professionalism, partnership, mutual trust, respect, and unwavering commitments.

To implement the government relations policy, the Company:

  • avoids political solicitation and does not fund any political organizations or individuals, nor does it provide assets for the exercise of any political activity.
  • does not enter into an agreement with a company that is wholly or partly owned by a civil servant, member of parliament or their close relatives, without prior approval from Compliance Office.
  • provides information at the request of state bodies to the extent and in the manner prescribed by applicable laws of Ukraine. 
  • avoids strong statements and unfounded criticism targeting public authorities. 
  • prohibits solicitation of other employees in favour of any political party or candidate during the working day