Security of gas transit depends on the Kremlin and Gazprom actions – Naftogaz

Ukraine no longer bears responsibility for the transmission of Russian gas through Ukrainian territories under Russian military occupation. Gazprom used to transit via these territories circa 1/3 of its gas transit through Ukraine. Gazprom has been duly notified of the aforementioned by Naftogaz.

National Joint Stock Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” sent an official letter to PJSC “Gazprom,” in which we notified of force majeure circumstances that make it impossible to continue gas transmission through the GMS “Sokhranivka” and the border compressor station (CS) “Novopskov,” which are located in Russian military occupied territory. Currently, this refers to approximately 1/3 of the total gas transit volume.

At the same time, Gazprom was offered to transfer the relevant transit volumes to the “Sudzha” physical interconnection point which is located in the territory controlled by Ukraine. The transfer of the transit flow does not require any extra costs from the Russian side, and there are no technical obstacles for such steps. This way Russia would be able to maintain transit through Ukraine and fulfill its obligations to European partners.

Currently, Ukraine is able to guarantee the safety of gas transmission only through Ukraine-controlled territory. Therefore, we proposed to move the necessary transit volumes to another interconnection point, with no extra fees to Gazprom.


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As a result of the russian federation's undeclared war against Ukraine, the territory, where the border compressor station “Novopskov” is located, which is right behind the “Sokhranivka” entrance point, is temporarily controlled by russian troops. Representatives of the occupation authorities took measures to deprive control from the TSO of Ukraine and the possibility of communication with the CS “Novopskov.” As a result, the TSO of Ukraine is no longer able to perform uninterrupted and effective operational and technological control over the CS “Novopskov” and a number of other technological facilities of the TSO of Ukraine located in the territories occupied by the russian federation.

In addition, representatives of the occupation authorities interfered in the operation of the Ukrainian GTS, including unauthorized offtake of natural gas from the transit flow to Europe. This endangers the stability and safety of the entire gas transmission system of Ukraine.

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