Shebelynka Oil Refinery boosts Šhebel 95 production by almost 50% in 2021

Shebelynka Oil Refinery (Šhebel), which is part of Naftogaz Group oil business, in January-December 2021 increased the production of Šhebel 95 petrol by 47.7% — up to 47 thousand tons, and DP Shebel diesel fuel — by 1.4%, up to 76 thousand tons. Output of Šhebel 92 petrol has dropped by 11.8% — to 83 thousand tons, and the production of Šhebel LPG remained at the level of 2020 (144 thousand tons).

In 2021, 440.6 thousand tons of raw materials were processed at Shebelynka Oil Refinery, which was 1.2% less compared to the previous year. More than 90% of the raw materials received for processing at Shebelynka Oil Refinery are internally produced.

In January-December 2021, the total volume of fuel sales via our network of petrol stations, i.e. U.GO, increased by 12% to 18 thousand tons. In particular, sales of Šhebel 95 fuel went up by 39% to 3.8 thousand tons, Šhebel 92 – by 17% to 3.1 thousand tons, and Šhebel diesel fuel — by 33% to 1.7 thousand tons. Retail sales of Šhebel LPG decreased by 0.4% to 9.3 thousand tons. Sales of related products via our own network of petrol stations grew by 33%. The share of payments using the loyalty card program increased from 53% (as of the beginning of 2021) to 79% (as of the end of 2021).

According to the results of the annual stock exchange on petrols sales, Šhebel has generated additional income of more than USD 1 million. An additional economic effect was achieved by improving the price and changing the structure of marketable petroleum products.

“In 2021, we have significantly built up the position of Šhebel 95: production increased by almost 50%, the share in the structure of wholesales – by 20%, in retail sales – by 40%. Changing the product rage by means of increase of the Šhebel 95 share has had beneficial influence on the overall economic effect,” noted Serhii Fedorenko, Chief Commercial Officer of JSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya (Naftogaz's oil division, Šhebel).

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Shebelynka Oil Refinery (Šhebel) is one of two operational oil refineries in Ukraine. Its capacity is around 500 thousand tons of refined products per year. The refinery traces its history back to 1960. During 2015-2018, the refinery underwent the largest modernization of the past 20 years, which made it possible to switch to manufacture of Euro 5 standard products exclusively. Since 2018, Shebelynka Oil Refinery has sold its fuels on the market under the Šhebel brand. The product range includes: Šhebel 92, Šhebel 95 petrols, Šhebel DP diesel fuel and Šhebel Euro LPG. Šhebel fuel may be purchased in Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Poltava, Sumy regions and in the Ukrainian-controlled territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

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