Oleksiy Chernyshov chaired a conference call aimed at all holders of Naftogaz Notes

On Thursday 22 December 2022 at 4pm CET, Mr. Oleksiy Chernyshov, Chief Executive Officer of Naftogaz, chaired a conference call aimed at all holders of Naftogaz Notes.

The conference platform was provided and moderated by Dechert LLP.

On this call, Mr. Chernyshov provided an update on the situation of Naftogaz and outlined the Company’s principles and process of engagement with Noteholders with a view to resolving the continuing events of default in respect of the 2022 Notes and 2026 Notes. Mr. Chernyshov also held a Q&A session, during which he answered a number of questions received from investors ahead of the event, as well as all live questions raised during the call.

Further to the conference, Mr. Chernyshov made the following statement:

On behalf of Naftogaz, I wish to thank all holders for their participation to this general update call and the fruitful exchanges. I look forward to further communication with holders in the coming weeks. I am confident that, through our engagement on a good faith basis with all holders, we will be able to strengthen our partnership with our creditors, and converge towards a mutually acceptable solution that not only provides Naftogaz with appropriate liquidity relief to achieve its strategic objectives during this war period, but also addresses their concerns.”

Here is a summary of the exchanges held during this call.


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