Naftogaz: Cost of gas for households and budget institutions will remain unchanged in next heating season

On 22 August, Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers extended the PSO regime on the country’s natural gas market. This will make it possible to keep heat tariffs for households unchanged.

Following Naftogaz’s proposal, the cost of gas to produce heat for commercial consumers will be reduced compared to last season, and will be determined based on market prices in Ukraine.

A flexible mechanism for using fixed gas volumes during the heating season by heat producers has also been introduced. From now on, heat producers will be able to use fixed gas volumes saved during the previous month in subsequent periods of the heating season.

At the same time, we call on communities to use natural gas sparingly and pay bills timely as this affects Ukraine’s national energy security.

Naftogaz remains a reliable natural gas supplier to consumers.

*PSO: Public Service Obligations imposed on natural gas market entities to serve the interests of the general public and ensure the effective functioning of the natural gas market.

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