Naftogaz CEO Oleksiy Chernyshov meets G7 ambassadors and EU Delegation in Ukraine

Coordination between Naftogaz and its foreign partners, the needs of Ukraine’s oil and gas sector resulting from Russia’s full-scale invasion, and Naftogaz’s priorities and strategy were on the agenda during a 1 December meeting between Naftogaz CEO Oleksiy Chernyshov and G7 ambassadors along with the head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

One of my primary objectives as Chairman of the Board of Naftogaz is to restore the trust of foreign partners and Eurobond holders in the company. On my first day in office, I sent an official request to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to resume the competition for the selection of members of Naftogaz’s Supervisory Board. Compliance with OECD standards is crucial to our group. We are working to ensure that the company receives a professional and transparent management,” Chernyshov commented.  

The Naftogaz’s CEO also addressed  Ukraine’s needs arising from Russia’s full-scale invasion. 

Russia has destroyed over 300 energy infrastructure facilities. On 17 November 2022 alone, Russia targeted more than 10 gas production facilities, representing one-third of national production. At the same time, our company is responsible for providing natural gas to the majority of Ukrainian consumers. According to preliminary estimates of the MInistry of Energy based on war-related risks, Ukraine needs up to 3 billion additional cubic meters of gas for the generation of electricity for the winter heating season, which equals over USD 4 billion. This is where we need the assistance of our foreign partners.”

The parties also discussed Naftogaz’s strategy for partnerships with foreign governments and businesses. 

Naftogaz is open to strengthening cooperation with our foreign partners – we offer the governments and businesses of the G7 countries cooperation on hydrocarbon production in Ukraine,” Chernyshov added.

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In attendance at the meeting were the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Anka Feldhusen, Ambassador of the United States of America Bridget A. Brink, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Melinda Simmons, Ambassador of Japan Matsuda Kuninori, Ambassador of the French Republic Etienne de Poncins, Ambassador of the Italian Republic Pier Francesco Zazo and Ambassador of Canada Larisa Galadza.

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