Capillary systems: plus 70 tcm of gas per day and zero in-process losses

Ukrgasvydobuvannya specialists have solved the issue of gas withdrawal from well No. 100 of the Zakhidno-Solokhivske field in the Poltava region.

Every day it needed blowing, which significantly reduced the daily flow rate and increased in-process losses. Thanks to the use of capillary system technology, Ukrgasvydobuvannya specialists have managed to increase the daily gas flow rate by 70 tcm, and reduce production and technological losses to zero.

"The company faces the task of stabilizing gas production. To complete this task, it is important to work with a stock of mature fields and old wells that predominate in the company's assets. We have created multi-functional teams of experts from different departments to take the most balanced approach to choosing methodics and technologies for each specific well. I am grateful to the teams that are looking for and finding the necessary solutions," Oleg Tolmachev, Naftogaz Exploration and Production Division Deputy Director for production, said.

To improve operation of the well No. 100, Ukrgasvydobuvannya specialists installed a surfactant supply system at the well, thanks to which it became possible to increase the flow rate by 20 tcm per day. Based on the results of additional research, it was decided to apply capillary system technology, which as a result increased the daily flow rate by another 50 tcm.

Capillary systems are a technology that Ukrgasvydobuvannya has only started scaling and implementing at its facilities in 2020 to increase gas production. On average, the technology helps to increase the daily gas flow rate by 20%.

Thanks to this technology, more than 37 mcm have been obtained since the beginning of the year.

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