Naftogaz refutes Otto Waterlander’s statements made during his recent interview with Economichna Pravda

National joint-stock company Naftogaz of Ukraine officially refutes the information specified in a recent interview with Ekonomichna Pravda by Otto Arnold Waterlander, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Transformation Officer of Naftogaz Group.

In particular, statements by Mr. Waterlander with regard to gas production costs are not consistent with reality. Figures provided by Mr. Waterlander are not recorded in any known Naftogaz document.

On the contrary, Naftogaz would like to take this oppirtunity to clarify that the actual production cost will be reflected in financial statements for the first six months od 2021, which is currently being finalized by the Company and will be subject to further review by auditors, while planned production costs will be specified in the financial plan to be approved by the Ukrainian Government.

Naftogaz also refutes Waterlander’s information about the role of the Chairman of the Board and a foreign consulting company, as well as his personal role in the preparation of the “20/20” program.

The Company notes that the interview given by Mr. Waterlander to Ekonomichna Pravda contains a range of factual errors and invites journalists to fact-check future information about the Company’s activities with materials disseminated via official Naftogaz communication channels.

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