Naftogaz stabilizes production at depleted fields

Naftogaz has increased annual gas production at one of the largest fields in Ukraine – Yablunivske, despite its depletion.

Over the last 4 years, we managed to move from production depletion to its over 18%, or 210 mmcm, growth. Since early 2021, due to the implementation of the production program, the daily flow rate increased by over 200

In particular, the commissioning of 4 wells from drilling and workovers ensured an increase in gas production at the Yablunivske field in 2021.

"The Yablunivske field is one of the key active assets of Naftogaz. The field ranks second in our portfolio in annual production and has significant prospective gas reserves, although the level of its depletion has already crossed the 70% mark. Within the framework of the new strategy, we plan to increase gas reserves at the Yablunivske field up to 15 bcm. To do this, we have created a multi-functional team that manages the field development; we continue the program of geological processes digitalization and upscale the stimulation program", Oleksandr Romaniuk, Director of the Naftogaz Exploration and Production Division said.

To implement new wells' drilling projects and enhance productivity of existing wells, Naftogaz is determined to carry out research and reservoir pressure measurements in the existing wells. This will allow more efficient planning of the development program and obtaining higher production rates.

In addition to the prospects for gas reserves growth, the Yablunivske field has significant oil reserves. According to the estimates, prospective oil resources at the field reach 290 thousand tons.  To increase oil production, the Company is currently working on the following issues: applying high-viscosity oil production technologies, increasing treatment capacities, and overcoming the complex geological structure of the field.


The Yablunivske gas condensate field was discovered in 1977 within the Lokhvytsya district of the Poltava region. During the operation of the field since 1983 over 60 bcm of gas were produced, and the residual reserves are 30% of the PIIP.

There are 69 active wells in the field. Some of the wells are located on the artificial sand islands. This was a unique engineering solution that allowed preserving the natural balance around the Sula River and, simultaneously, establishing proper conditions for operations in the swampy areas. After all, the significant gas reserves of the Yablunivske field – over 20 bcm - are located in the floodplain of the Sula River. Today, on three sand-island structures, 250 m in diameter each, there are 24 wells: 21 gas and 3 oil wells.

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