NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” requires immediately to resume regular gas supplies via all the transit corridors

12th of January, 2009 Gazprom OJSC declared its readiness to experiment resuming of gas supply to GTS of Ukraine in order to further resume its transit to the European countries. 13th of January, 2009 at 00:58 Ukrtransgaz SC received the facsimile message from Gazprom OJSC informing on resuming of gas supply from 9:00 on 13th of January, 2009 via the Gas Metering Station “Sudja” Gas Dispatch Control Division 1400 in the volume of 76.6 million cubic meters a day. Gas supplies suggested to be supplied for customers of Balkan region and Moldova via the Gas Metering Station “Orlovka”.

The NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” hereby declares that these volumes and directions have not been timely agreed between two operators of the neighboring gas transport systems. This fact is in rough contradiction with the established practice of the reliable gas transit pipelines operation.

The Company is convinced that in order to ensure stable gas transit via GTS of Ukraine the Parties have to update and re-execute documents to regulate transparently the technical and technological coordination of the neighboring gas transport systems operation and agreed work of the Parties Gas Dispatch Control Divisions. It will enable them to perform gas reception at the border “Russia – Ukraine”, and to carry out reliable transportation and guaranteed transfer of this gas to the European customers.

Press Center NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”

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