Oleksiy Chernyshov: Ukrainian gas storage facilities can become a reliable pillar of support for the European energy security

Ukraine's underground gas storage facilities are the largest in Europe and their resources can become a pillar of support for the EU's energy security. This was emphasized today, on 16 March 2023 by Oleksiy Chernyshov, CEO of Naftogaz Group at a meeting with Artur Lorkowski, Director of the Energy Community Secretariat (ECS).

He also asked the ECS representatives to help in promotion of Ukrainian UGS facilities in Europe.

Ukraine, being one of the contracting parties to the Energy Community, highly appreciates your support and assistance. We would also be very thankful if the ESC could use its mechanisms to promote the use of Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities by market participants. In particular, through raising awareness of future gas suppliers within the Gas Procurement Platform," Oleksiy Chernyshov said.

The meeting also focused on deepening cooperation in the increase of gas production. 

One of our priorities today is also to restore a normal operation of the gas market in Ukraine. We are pro-active in increasing our own production, both by Naftogaz Group and by private producers under appropriate conditions to be created for them. Ukraine is preparing for various scenarios for the next heating season. At the same time, the Naftogaz team is making its best to manage without gas imports this year for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine," the Head of Naftogaz Group added.

Artur Lorkowski also noted how Ukraine has coped with challenges during this extremely difficult winter despite the war. 

As a reminder, JSC Ukrtransgaz, the operator of Ukrainian UGS facilities as part of Naftogaz Group, officially launched the international certification procedure for the gas supplies securities on 27 January 2023.

According to the current EU Regulation adopted in summer of 2022, such a procedure is mandatory for companies seeking to work as underground gas storage operators in the European Union. Last autumn this requirement became binding for operators in other European countries-members of the Energy Community, including Ukraine.

On 1 March 2023, the NEURC has made a preliminary decision to certify Ukrtransgaz in accordance with European rules on the security of natural gas supply and, pursuant to the procedure, notified the Energy Community Secretariat of its decision.

Further on, Ukrtransgaz is pending the conclusion of experts from the Energy Community and publication of the NEURC final decision on the certification of Ukrtransgaz in accordance with the established procedure.

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The Energy Community Secretariat is the authority within the Energy Community established in 2006 to join efforts of the European Union and neighboring countries to create an integrated Pan-European energy market. Powers and functions of the Secretariat include monitoring activities on the energy market, supporting investment, integrating climate and energy measures, ensuring sustainable development of energy systems and improving the environment.

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