Latest update on operation of Naftogaz Group enterprises as of 26 September – 02 October 2022

On 27 September, as a result of open bidding, LLC “Gas Supply Company “Naftogaz Trading” has purchased 5.5 mmcm of gas for UAH 43,694.73 грн per 1 tcm, VAT included.

Using an example, LLC “Gas Supply Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” has explained to its clients how much one cubic meter of gas holds.

All digital services of the company are completely accessible. In September, the contact centre of LLC “Gas Supply Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” handled over 700,000 calls, almost 150,000 of which were handled during last week.

More than 311,000 clients of LLC “Gas Supply Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” have already refused paper bills.

The grid facilities of underground gas storage of JSC Ukrtransgaz remain under the enhanced security and keep operating as normal. At the same time, emergency drills and training continued at the underground gas storage facilities.

Besides, the Ukrtransgaz team continues its volunteer work. Last week, the first self-propelled artillery our colleagues had manufactured was handed over to the military. It was created by the specialists of one of Ukrtransgaz service centre, who combined МТ-ЛБ trophy armored personnel carrier and 100 mm Rapier anti-tank gun. Learn more here.

Also, within the charity program, JSC Ukrtransgaz employees have handed over to the several dozen of their colleagues who are currently serving on the front lines, as well as to Operational Command North, five quadcopters, including powerful  Autel EVO II Enterprise and DJI Mavic 3, accessories for drones, portable solar chargers, rangefinders, chainsaws, autumn warm clothes and shoes, insulated sleeping bags and ground pads. Canned meat and vegetables, turbo stoves, camouflage nets, bandages produced by JSC Ukrtransgaz employees have been also handed over to the frontline. More details here.

JSC Ukrtransnafta is operating as normal and keeps helping our defenders. Last week, the company handed over already the 17th pick-up truck for the military needs. As well as KrAZ loaded with steel stoves made by Ukrtransnafta employees from used pipes in their free time.

In addition, the company supports internally displaced persons who have suffered as a result of the war. Last week, Ukrtransnafta security managers visited the children evacuated from Kharkiv region to deliver them some presents: a new plasma TV and goodies.

Novoyavorivsk and Novyi Rozdil CHPs are operating as normal. At heating networks in Novoyavorivsk, hydraulic tests and repair works have been completed. The pipelines are filled with coolant and are ready for the heating season. Readiness of heat generating equipment of the two CHPs exceeds 95%.

Branch Novyi Rozdil power grids and Branch Novoyavorivsk power grids are operating sustainably. All consumers of Novyi Rozdil, Novoyavorivsk and the adjacent settlements are supplied with electricity.

Naftogaz stated its plans to construct a new alternative-fuelled CHP in Novoyavorivsk. For this purpose, wood chips and the organic component of solid household waste will be used. In addition, new bio-fuelled CHPs will appear in Zhytomyr and Lviv. The relevant preparatory works have been already started.

JSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya sustainably keeps producing gas at all its facilities, except for those located near the contact line. Along with that, the company increases gas production in the western regions of Ukraine using brand-new technologies and equipment. In particular, one of three divisions of JSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya – Branch Gas Production Division  “Lvivgasvydobuvannya” operating fields in five western regions, since the beginning of the year has transferred 2% more gas to the gas transmission system compared to the same period in 2021. Learn more here.

After a part of Kharkiv region was liberated, PJSC Donetskoblgaz commenced active preparation of gas distribution networks for gas supply to consumers. Thus, starting from September 2022, survey of above-ground and underground gas pipelines and equipment started for damage detection, their assessment and development of plans for their elimination. There is a constant coordination of actions with Operator of Gas Transmission System of Ukraine and local administrations regarding restoration of gas supply to the social and household facilities, facilities of critical infrastructure, as well as the citizens of the region.

OJSC “Kirovohradgaz” is operating as normal.

JSC Ukrspectransgaz keeps operating as normal under the conditions of the martial law.

Press Office of National Joint Stock Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” continues to systematically report on the state of oil and gas infrastructure on the company’s website and official pages in social networks (Facebook, TelegramTwitter).

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