Oleksiy Chernyshov: Naftogaz and Equinor strengthen strategic partnership

Strengthening strategic partnership and the purchase of additional gas needed for Ukraine to pass the winter heating season were on the agenda during a 2 December meeting between Naftogaz CEO Oleksiy Chernyshov and Anders Opedal, president and CEO of Norway's largest oil and gas company, Equinor.

Equinor is a strategic partner of Naftogaz not only on issues related to the purchase of gas, but also for the potential development of national production. Cooperation between our group of companies and Equinor began more than 10 years ago. I am convinced that our strategic partnership is now reaching a new level," said Chernyshov.

The Naftogaz CEO also commented on the purchase of additional gas from Equinor:

We have reached the first agreements with Equinor regarding the purchase of additional gas required to pass the toughest heating season in Ukrainian history. We hope for special purchase conditions and further reservation of the volume necessary to get through the winter season."

The Naftogaz CEO expressed his gratitude for Mr. Opedal’s position and welcomed his public support for Ukraine, in particular during his recent speech at the Autumn Conference 2022 on November 29.

On December 1, Chernyshov held a meeting with the Ambassador of Norway to Ukraine Erik Svedahl. They discussed the involvement of Norwegian oil and gas industry technologies and providing Ukraine with funding to purchase natural gas this winter, taking into account Russia's ongoing missile terror.

At a time when Russia uses the destruction of energy infrastructure as a weapon, assistance for Ukraine's energy sector is just as important as military support. We hope for further help from Norway in this context," commented the Naftogaz CEO.

The Norwegian ambassador expressed his hope for an increase in Norwegian aid to Ukraine. He added that future funding will also be allocated to ensure Ukraine's energy security.

Additional information:

The Kingdom of Norway signed an agreement on providing Ukraine with approximately USD 195 million in funding to purchase natural gas during the winter 2022-23 season. Naftogaz Group will be the formal recipient of this fuel.

Earlier, the Norwegian Prime Minister announced that the Kingdom of Norway will allocate Ukraine a 1 billion euro package aid.

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